Compressed Air: No-Risk Removal

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Waters Vacuum Truck Service’s Compressed Air Excavation/Subsurface Utility Engineering (CAE / SUE) is a selective excavation method which fractures, pulverizes and displaces porus and semi-porus soils while leaving nonporous objects unaffected. In other words Compressed Air Excavation removes soil without risk of damaging buried utilities using a unique tool known as a Soil Pick.

The non-conductive and non-sparking Soil Pick accelerates compressed air up to 1,500 mph to pulverize and displace soil. The benefits are obvious for potentially gas enriched or electrically active environments.

Compressed Air Excavation is great for:

•Locating underground utilities (Potholing)

•Aeration and Excavation

•Root Locating for Utility Line installation or Pruning

•Investigating Root Structure and Damage