Products: Keep Your Systems Running Smoothly

Our Products

Waters Vacuum Truck Service has several products on hand for purchase to help ease your future residential, commercial and industrial projects. Continue reading for a full list of our products and contact Waters Vacuum Truck Service for more information on purchasing any item you view.


Proper plumbing and septic care includes regular cleaning and high enzyme activity. We can help with the first part and Lenzyme can help with the second. Lenzyme comes in 12 pre-measured packets that you apply monthly according to a recommended schedule.

Once introduced into the system, the enzymes double their population approximately every twenty minutes! Lenzyme is the ONLY additive that we recommend placing in your drain lines and/or septic tank. Best of all its bio-degradable, non-poisonous, non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive and, most importantly, environmentally safe.

Microban (R)

We are an official applicator of Microban disinfectant and deodorizer products. The products we utilize sanitize porous and non-porus surfaces, effectively killing many bacteria, viruses and many other potentially dangerous microorganisms. Microban meets California and Federal EPA requirements. Waters Vacuum Truck Service exclusively offers Microban products during our Spill and Cleanup projects.

Orenco Biotube Filter

Biotube Effluent Filters extend drainfield life by preventing solids from leaving the septic tank.  In some counties these filters are necessary in building codes. Waters Vacuum Truck Service is proud to recommend and install Orenco Filters for our customers needs.

Riser Products

Waters Vacuum Truck Service offers Risers (6″ increments, Riser Lids and Safety Lids), for precast septic tank applications.  All of our Risers are corrosion resistant, durable and strong. While you are welcome to purchase our products, we’d be glad to save you trouble by handling your installation for you!

Odor Control

We install activated carbon filtration products to control septic tank and grease trap odors.  Contact us for a free estimate to fit your needs.  In addition we support a clean air environment and use an odor control additive in our vacuum pumps.