Hydro/Vacuum: A Safe Alternative

Hydro/Vacuum Excavation

Avoid service interruptions and litigation, choose the professionals. Waters Vacuum Truck Service has handled hundreds of jobs using this emerging process because we understand that it will be the future of excavating.

Hydro Excavating, otherwise known as Vacuum Excavation or Utility Pot Holing, is the safe alternative to digging. When compared to conventional backhoe methods in and around essential utilities, fuel tanks, and transmission lines our Hydro Excavating will keep sites within the letter of the law and keep all workers safe.

The combination of our industrial vacuum truck and high pressure water allows digging without risk of interrupting essential utility services.

Companies which require Hydro Excavation vs Conventional Excavation include:

  • Kinder Morgan – http://kindermorgan.com
  • Buckeye Partners L.P. – http://www.buckeye.com
  • Ledcor Pipeline – http://www.ledcor.com
  • CalTrans – http://www.dot.ca.gov
  • Nevada Mining Association – http://www.nevadamining.org