Video Inspection

Video Inspection: Know Before You Dig

If you’re experiencing recurring main line back-up issues at your home or business it may be wise to consider having the line video inspected.

Video Inspection equipment allows Waters’ service tech to see issues such as broken or root-infested lines without having to dig up the line, saving precious time and money.

What is Video Drain Inspection?

Video Inspection is the practice of inserting a small, video camera fitted with a light down a length of pipe to visually inspect and/or record the condition of the pipe. This camera can accurately and efficiently inspect for issues such as cracks, flaws in pipe, blockages, roots, etc.

Why Using Video Inspection Can Save You Time and Money

How does Video Inspection save both money and time for home and business owners?

In short, Video Inspection helps eliminate trial and error guesswork for digging up pipes to investigate/fix problems. By pinpointing the exact location and the type of issue that needs addressing we know exactly where we need to dig which saves time and may help preserve existing landscaping, curbing, asphalt, etc. Even better, you can see the video for yourself so you know first-hand the condition of the pipe.

Save time, money, and headaches with our expert Video Inspection service today!

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