To Flush or Not to Flush

Be careful as to what you flush down your toilet or put down your drains. Disposable wet wipes, feminine products, dual-ply/quilted toilet paper and tissues, as well as any other slow-degrading or non-biodegradable products should NOT be flushed down your toilet.

Avoid use of bleach and anti-bacterial cleaners. Anything you rinse down the drain that kills bacteria is harmful to the normal anaerobic breakdown process and allows solids to more quickly accumulate in the septic tank.

Limit the use of garbage disposals. They add too many solids and strain the capacity of the system.

NEVER pour grease down your sink. Grease is the biggest burden on the proper functioning of a septic system and can cause slow drainage and back-ups. Excessive grease can also lead to premature leach field failure.

If any of the above apply we suggest using Lenzyme™ waste digestant to help offset the negative effects of antibacterial agents/bleach, food waste, and minor grease build-up in lines.

Call Waters Vacuum Truck Service to schedule your next maintenance pumping to avoid an emergency.

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