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Spotlight on Grease Interceptor Cleaning

Chances are, if you have a business that serves food, you have a Grease Interceptor. A Grease Interceptor (also known as Grease Trap) is a waste recovery tank that collects heavy grease, oil, and food waste before it has a chance to enter a sanity sewer system. This waste builds-up with time and needs to be pumped out/removed on a set schedule. The frequency of pumping depends on the size of the interceptor as well as the volume of business and can vary from as often as weekly, to as little as once per year. Every establishment with a Grease Interceptor typically has an Environmental Control Permit that must be posted on site. This permit is issued by their local city/county and states the size of the interceptor and the required pumping frequency.

Be advised – failure to adhere to this required pumping schedule can lead to foul odors, unexpected kitchen back-ups, and even costly fines by local regulatory agencies. Avoid these issues by contracting with an experienced and locally-owned waste hauler such as Waters Vacuum Truck Service. Our company has over 60 years of experience in the liquid waste industry and specializes in Grease Interceptor cleaning. Additionally, we offer customized maintenance schedules so that you never have to worry about remembering to call for service when it is due.

Call or email Waters Vacuum Truck Service today for a no-obligation price quote on Grease Interceptor cleaning!

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