Home Sale Septic Inspections


If you are buying a home with a septic system is vitally important to have the tank and leach field inspected prior to purchase in order to help avoid costly repairs. The average lifespan of a septic system is approximately 30 years, although serious issues can arise much sooner than that. A newly-installed septic system can fail within a few years if there has been improper maintenance or lack of care taken in regards to the septic system (i.e. disposal of cooking grease down the kitchen sink, prolonged water leaks from a toilet or faucet, excessive flushing of wet wipes and feminine hygiene products, vehicles or heavy equipment being driven over the tank or leach field, etc.).

Waters Vacuum Truck Service offers septic tank pumping and inspection to clients in areas throughout Northwestern Nevada and Northeastern California.

Our Inspection Report includes the following:

  • Size of septic tank (i.e. gallons)
  • Septic tank material (i.e. concrete, poly/plastic, etc.)
  • Septic tank location and depth
  • Condition of the inlet and outlet lids on the septic tank
  • Condition of the inlet and outlet sanitary tees or baffles inside the tank
  • Condition of the center baffle inside the tank
  • Visual assessment of leach field area for excessive green growth or saturation
  • 30 minute hydrostatic water check of the leach field (to ensure the field is accepting liquids)

Additionally, we are happy to offer escrow billing at no additional charge!

In order to schedule a septic pumping and inspection please visit the following link from a desktop or laptop PC and complete our required form: CLICK HERE

Upon receipt of our completed form a member of our staff with contact you within 1 business day to schedule this inspection. Our typical turnaround time is less than 1 week total for scheduling, performance of work, and issuance of the report.